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  • The staff team could use a few extra pair of hands. If you are the one we are looking for, wait no longer and apply now! If you know somebody who would fit our team perfectly, have them apply and refer to you in their application. If they make it through, you will receive 3 free months of our highest value donator package!

    Tactical Square has reached its first major milestone since the birth of our community. Yesterday, our official Insurgency servers opened to the public, and gosh, little did we know about the surprise we had coming towards us!

    The most recent addition in the community's efforts to keep our beloved game alive is inspired by the old ELO clanbases. The clanbase reintroduces competitive gameplay by providing means to organize and keep track of clan wars. Thanks to $inergy, the creator of the clanbase hosted on Tactical Square, old times are relived.

Tactical Square