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.ToTaL iNsomniacs vs Grimsby (6vs6)

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Giggle    18

- War Details

Ladder- 6 vs 6 eu.gif

Server- // GY clan TacticalOps 3.4 Server england.png


- Maps




- Lineups

GgL^.Ti england.png

katia.Ti nl.gif

Fraghunter.Ti nl.gif

m4ttiz.Ti se.gif

cpN.`.Ti nl.gif

iSue.Ti nl.gif


Lumi.GY england.png


reaper.GY england.png

bRo`.GY nl.gif

{Slayer}.GY england.png

mAd.mAn`.GY nl.gif

- Handow.GY


- Screenshots 






- Summery

.Ti beat .GY 41-7

i dont think the score reflects this war at all it was a decent skilled war which i really enjoyed! its always a pleasure to play the noisy neighbours. Welcome back Fraghunter!!


- giggz of .ToTaL iNsomniacs >




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Giggle    18

didnt know the demos was asked for but here they are..

@$inergy @Thomas the way demo's are asked for needs to be looked at... maybe in the war report or requested in some kind of unique ID from the war or something

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      By Giggle
      .ToTaL iNsomniac`s VS War Game
      >>>>> War Details >>>>>>
      Ladder: 2vs2 
      Server:  [CZE] Clan War Server by NGZ-Server.de 
      Hostage Moving Allowed?: No
      Parker Hale, M4A1 and M60 Allowed?: No
      >>>>> Maps >>>>>>

      >>>>> Lineups >>>>>>
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      was a gg lads, shame we couldnt play on the ACE server because of kicks... i think amd CPU?
      .Ti win -GaMeR 42-6kkkkk
      >>>>> giggz of .ToTaL iNsomniacs >>>>>>

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      4 on 4 clanbase (09/05/2016)
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      Report : GG both teams ! it was not an easy war. We did a draw on our map but thanks to our communication and tactics, we defeated them on their map. The last round of the war was the most important to determine the winner
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      demos of wutang (for people who think he cheats, there is a difference between using sounds & radar) :
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      2on2 clanbase  (07/17/2016)
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      ./ War Details >
      Server= // -[FFD]- Private Playground | ACEclient download -> game-database.eu  ~`i3D.net
      ./ Maps >

      ./ Lineups >
      m4ttiz.Ti           //         {FnV}svN' 
      Fraghunter.Ti      //      {FnV}cpN.`` 
      - vehjt.Ti 
      ./ Screenshots >

      ./ Summery >
      .Ti won 26-22
      again it was tight due to WinterRanom i think? gg wp lads..
      - m4ttiz has asked for svN's demos thanks!
      ./ giggz of .ToTaL iNsomniacs >

    • Giggle
      By Giggle
      -][- Details -][-
      Server= / -[FFD]- Private Playground | ACEclient download -> game-database.eu  ~`i3D.net
      -][- Maps -][-

      -][- Lineups -][-
      katia.Ti  SnOw.sG`  m4ttiz.Ti  iindex.sG`  iSue.Ti  spoD.sG`  Kappe.Ti  Floid.sG`  -][- Screenshots -][-

      -][- Summery -][-
      from what i hear it was a good game i know my lads enjoyed it.. i am sure there will be a rematch soon!
      .ToTaL iNsomniacs beat  STO Gaming 38-10
      -][- Giggle of .ToTaL iNsomniacs -][-