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Good bye!

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Shone    40

Ok guys, this is how things are standing: Some of you know that i had problems with TO in the last few months and that i couldn't run it on my PC... but this days i was finally about to fix that and come back to the game, when another thing hit me like hammer and i still can't recover from that. You all know what happened 4 days ago, so i am not going to write about that, but that event changed the whole thing with me and Tactical Ops. From the first day with this game and even in the time before i had the internet i was playing TO with Linkin Park in background and it felt like heavenly combination. But it all changed few days ago and from then on the only thing i can do when i hear LP song is to cry like baby and playing TO without LP seems pointless now for me.I want to thank to each and everyone of you for awesome years we have spent together, during the good and bad times for this awesome game! It was the most fun i had sitting behind my PC! I know how hard you are trying to keep this game alive and i hope that you are going to do that for much longer! I wish you all the best and i hope that i am going to meet some of you in real life in future!

Good bye from Nenad, aka -[FFD]-*Ilus!oN$*!

R.I.P Chester Bennington! :(

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kimoomik    64

wtf are you talking, u dont need music to play :D
come back that i can kick ur ass in anynight, newbie :P

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