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The song of TO

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FilRip    1

Hello all,


Just for nostalgic, and specially french members, i reupload the song, made by the (dead) TOFF clan, about TO. Made in : 2003 (? sorry, i haven't got/don't remember the exact date)

Of course, i know that most of users don't speak french, but i really like this song.


Have a good play

Here is it : http://ptreille.free.fr/desglandsetdesblaireaux.wma


And thanks, again, to TOFF members

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joeycracknl    50

Pretty bad ass you guys made this back in the day. Too bad i cant speak French, i had it for 4 years in college but that almost 10 year ago for me so sadly not much left.

All i could hear was "Jouer a TO" or something :D

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