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Duke Nukem for TO

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FilRip    1

Here is a beta (3) of the most popular Duke Nukem 3D for TO:AoT

No bots (include hostages) are supported yet.

Your feedback about lights/gameplay/spawn/etc... are of course welcome, that's why i publish a beta :)




maps dn3d to.zip

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joeycracknl    50

Walked around your map a bit and i must say it feels like a 1:1 copy of duke3d, did you actually calculate the units from the duke editor and converted them to unreal editor or made the map by feel?

Anyway nice map, brings back some memories from playing duke nukem. Was amazed you added the secrets too. Maybe not all but i couldnt tell as i didnt remember them all.

About the spawns i dont know. In current state the terrorists can basicly throw HE nades on the SF after 3-4seconds from round start, blocking the sf from going anywhere except jumping on the boxes and go to the window secret on round start? Perhaps place T spawns in the Cinema or the Toilets but that just my thoughts.

I did find a piece of invisible map blocking the stairway to the ''movie playback room'' a tiny bit:


Edit: Just found this old video from OfficerD on youtube: 
This an edit of that? since TO-HollywoodHolocaust already exist perhaps name it to something else?


Edited by joeycracknl

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