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Tactical Ops Trickjump (re-uploaded)

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-(V)(V)-    7

So the previous Trickjump Movie that I uploaded in 2007 was degraded over the years to 240p by youtubes very clever algorithms :$ I've searched long and hard for the source on my drives and backups but couldn't find it. Probably was on a CD which I threw a way years ago. But today I was uploading some stuff to my webspace and suddenly saw the original XVID of the clan prodigy movie which contained the TrickJumping part. Still resolution was only 800x600 which was pretty good in 2004~2005 I guess B)

So you can now enjoy the re-uploaded movie in better quality.

Cheers. :cheer:


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joeycracknl    49

Nice video, i think i have also seen the original upload as it looks very familiar to me.

Back in the day i was always exploring mostly the custom maps, jumping on everything seeking ways to bug/glitch out the map etc.

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