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      The website now runs in a heavily degraded state. Only the basics are still available for archiving purposes. Tactical Square will undergo a complete reboot, which implies a full data wipe, prior to its relaunch. When this will happen is unclear at this time as our focus is currently devoted to SAS. Update: SAS is now in closed beta. If you'd like to join, go here: beta.sanandreasstories.com
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Tost In Game Stats


Omega    0

Hello community (murderers, thieves, moderators, arms dealers, protectors, campers, knife throwers (carnies), reloaders, map changers, thresspassers, occupants, homosexuals (snipers), temkillers, freelancers, haxors, gods, and all the rest of you).


I love playing capture the flag on this server (other than all and the new (90%) god damn sniper maps), and I notice how rare it is to view your total frag count/team damage count due to the vast amount of ppl on the server and types of weapons used.

So I guess my question is for the TOST-nerdy ones: Is it possible to have the total amount of frags/team frags showing just under the top line insted of the very buttom?

At the end of each map/death you're shown who killed you with what weapon and by how many frags, but in the end the total is almost always dwarfed by the sheer number of players and weapon type that the lines continues under your monitors horizont.

And also: Is it possible to have those stats exported to a txt file?


Thanks in advance from Omega, Placebo, Mr.Backup and Gollum.


btw I made a version of Fallfallfall that sort of eliminates camping by making the buttom a pain zone that takes away 2 HP each second. Yes or no?

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    • Thomas
      By Thomas
      The stats have been updated to version 1.2.2!
      Most notable changes and improvements in this version:
      Improved player sorting (as suggested by Peterie) More detailed game results, including team overview A couple of high priority bug fixes
      The server stats (FS#9) have been postponed to the next revision.

      In case you experience layout issues, please refresh your cache by pressing F5.
    • Thomas
      By Thomas
      The stats have been updated to version 1.2.1