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  2. Tactical Ops available on Mac?

    Hello are you the same guy who asked this 1 week back on Tactical Ops Channel @ YouTube? You apparently can run TO:AOT 3.4 with the Wine emulator https://www.winehq.org/ In their database https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=8198 it shows one guy managed to get it to run on Mac and gave it a Gold rating so i think it should work. (Just make sure you select TacticalOps.exe to start game and not Tactical Ops Quick Join.exe) Another program you could perhaps try is http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/download.php?f=WineBottlerCombo_1.6.1.dmg&m=d2luZWJvdHRsZXIua3JvbmVuYmVyZy5vcmcvY29tYm8vYnVpbGRz i find allot of YouTube tutorials on how to run windows programs on mac link to this. I think your best bet is search on YouTube "Play windows games on Mac"
  3. Tactical Ops available on Mac?

    I am in no way a Mac expert, perhaps there's something similar to Wine available for Mac? You could also try running it in a virtual machine.
  4. Tactical Ops available on Mac?

    Hi all. I've been a lifelong fan of TOps. Now I've changed to a Mac I can't play it! Anyone know how to play on a Mac?
  5. Thought id post a little update here, not that i kept a log of exactly what maps i added but here updates since end of 2018. 3 maps by Pinguin he posted here 20+ maps made by TO Crash / Spiritsuxor 5+ maps retreived by TO Crash / Spiritsuxor 1 map retrieved from LST community server Also at the end of 2017 i added like 15-20 X-mas styled maps by TO Crash / Spiritsuxor & LST Community from their facebook The Map Archive now has 2110 maps in total, combined with 33 TO3.4 maps the Map Archive Server now runs a crazy amount of 2143 maps. I also made a Mutator Pack a while back for the people wanting a crazy bot practice session. works great with the TO-BotsDM-Mappack posted above in the video. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jE3VA1PhSxq1Gx0RwYfn5SK14GSxPp1s To access File Archive use the google drive link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6eENJfjixsNSDdiX1p6ZFNZNnM or the easy to remember to-files.nl
  6. TO-Madness

    Version 1.0.0


    TO-Madness is a superfast game. Use the shift key to gain enormous speed. The map contains a lot of warp zones, you can be anywhere, anytime. Enjoy! Pinguin
  7. This is what happens when you reply to spam email

    More James Veitch goodness
  8. TO-Escapejump

    Version 1.0.0


    Try to escape by trickjumping. Map is singleplayer
  9. TO-Planetos 2

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Planetos remastered, better lighting, better skyzone, extra area.
  10. can't crouch / duck

    Well the maps simply have bot waypoints and you can play normal Practice Session on it with default TO gametype. Its just that the bots dont follow all botwaypoints properly because they are dumb so to say. With the Deathmatch gametype bots will spawn and walk on parts of the map they wont reach on normal gametype. So all maps from the bot mappack and the addon will work on normal gametype, but since bots are kinda stupid DM just works better for some solo play.
  11. can't crouch / duck

    haha Good to know. I did grab your bot pack as well, though I see it's only for deathmatch. Do you have a list of maps from your collection that supports bots for the other game modes?
  12. can't crouch / duck

    I didn't mean it was a noob question as you couldn't have known. Its just because a similiar post was made a while back by somebody who had a certain button or action not working ingame i think he used the same download as you had problems with. And that the creator of this pack had placed a TO3.4 ini into a 3.5 installation what probably caused this. Good thing is it now seems those downloads are removed. And thanks for your kind words on the map archive i assembled over the last 2 years. As websites and files/maps disappear i dicided to take action and make sure we don't lose files anymore and make them accessible in one spot. I also recently found out that TO only supports up to 2048 maps before the Practice Session windows doesnt open and ends up crashing the game. There for i am now slowly working on a best of mappack. ( First part you can find in map archive thread)
  13. can't crouch / duck

    Ah, I didn't think to compare the user.ini to one from 3.4. I swear I searched before posting, too, but only for crouching not working; still, sorry if this was a n00b post! joeycracknl: A little off-topic, but I just discovered your thread with the giant 2k+ map packs. As someone constantly concerned with games like this (and the communities that build up around them) getting lost to the shifting sands of the Internet, I gotta say you're a goddamned hero for putting all of that work in!
  14. This Map Pack contains 125 of the best made custom maps, all have bot waypoints, map screenshots and are of good quality like the official ones. Included are the Deathmatch Gametype/Mutator and the TOMoneyTool Mutator, DM just works better when playing with TO bots compared to the normal gametype. (For the best experience only play these maps with the DM gametype, instructions are below) It's for when you who want to explore some of the many custom maps (..with bots) or play when nobody is online. (The bots can give good practice in DM with high difficulty) Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19ZIDEqUkxdXzhzeFMe5v9C9ioI9zyhfs Map List:
  15. can't crouch / duck

    I think that "TACTICAL OPS 3.5 GAME (READY TO EXTRACT)" pack is also a retail version. But i think the person who made this version copied over a User.ini from a TO3.4 version. Its not the first time a post like has been made about a button or action not working ingame. Could be true since the TO3.5 Patch notifies it replaces your User.ini as some commands have been changed. Anyway if there is a fault in this version maybe we should put on a warning on this download, or put a low rating on it. It seems like 10 people have downloaded this pack last 2 weeks and i feel bad for them trying to figure out what is wrong with their game
  16. music!

  17. can't crouch / duck

    Woo, that worked! I was using the "TACTICAL OPS 3.5 GAME (READY TO EXTRACT)" version before. I guess I misunderstood, I thought that included the changes from the fixed pack already. Looking at it again, it seems that's actually the original mod version, and the fixed pack is from the retail release. Makes sense. Thanks for the help!
  18. can't crouch / duck

    I'd suggest to give the fixed pack a try.
  19. can't crouch / duck

    Yep, I tried in-game and from the main menu with no game session running. Also tried setting it to other keys. Here's what I think are the relevant entries in my User.ini file: [Engine.Input] Aliases[9]=(Command="Button bDuck | Axis aUp Speed=-300.0",Alias=Duck) ... Ctrl=Duck C=Duck
  20. can't crouch / duck

    Tried options menu in-game? on 3.4 its Ctrl=Duck
  21. can't crouch / duck

    I recently learned about TO:AoT, and I'm glad this site was around so I could check it out! I grabbed the 3.5 version that can just be extracted and played, and it's working great except for one issue: I don't seem to be able to crouch. I reset the keybinds and compared the User.ini to the default and to the UT99 default and couldn't spot any differences. I know this site might not be that active, but I'm hoping someone can help me out!
  22. Tactical Ops Trickjump (re-uploaded)

    Nice video, i think i have also seen the original upload as it looks very familiar to me. Back in the day i was always exploring mostly the custom maps, jumping on everything seeking ways to bug/glitch out the map etc.
  23. Tactical Ops Trickjump (re-uploaded)

    So the previous Trickjump Movie that I uploaded in 2007 was degraded over the years to 240p by youtubes very clever algorithms I've searched long and hard for the source on my drives and backups but couldn't find it. Probably was on a CD which I threw a way years ago. But today I was uploading some stuff to my webspace and suddenly saw the original XVID of the clan prodigy movie which contained the TrickJumping part. Still resolution was only 800x600 which was pretty good in 2004~2005 I guess So you can now enjoy the re-uploaded movie in better quality. Cheers.
  24. Copy from post i made on https://www.facebook.com/groups/tolatino/ After receiving some questions about custom mapvotes and i still see people rip my redirect here is small little present Here is new version of TO340 Server + MapVoteULv2_4 + 2098 Maps (3GB download, 9GB extracted) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WbA5py5yTvqYBfYis-zFca-kLB1w-igk All required maps and packages are on the public redirect at uz.to-files.nl so no slow downloads. * You can use it as local lan server to play, explore and test maps without installing the maps to your TO installation. * You can also copy a Tactical Ops 3.4 installation over the server files to use it as a mappack and have a Tactical Ops 3.4 with 2098 Maps. (Beware, opening the practice session window with 2000+ maps to play with bots will take over 1-2minutes so it is not recommended) * And if you want you can host a online map archive server like i do here: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  25. The Map Archive has been updated with a few new maps since last time, bringing the total available TO3.4 maps to 2064. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6eENJfjixsNRHk5RHFfUjNMSW8 The Map Archive Servers have been combined to one again. Switched from MapVoteXL to MapVoteUL. Sadly this means no auto-resizing vote window and you need a minimum resolution of 1024x768 to make full use of the mapvote. Also map change time has been reduced to 2 seconds instead of the 50+ seconds it took with MapVoteXL. Good thing is MapVoteUL also has a search function and now you can search all maps in one server again. Much better then split up over 2 servers. Edit: Forgot to add some map downloads had some packages replaced/updated since they had "bad/inferior" ones and also updated the redirect to have all maps and proper packages.
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