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  2. music!

    Some epic people in my town, 2 years ago a guy won Swedish idol, This year another one. (probably win as well) Goosebumps deluxe.
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  4. music!

    Hmmm, i have listened it after 2003 for sure, but i didn't know that it was released at 2003 I heard it for the first time at my friends house and i thought it was an older song, never did a proper research ps: still like Scooter one, better than original.
  5. music!

    No? Can't be 20yrs Edit: Released 2003 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Like_It_Loud "I Like It Loud" is a single by Marc Acardipane Presents Marshall Masters Feat. The Ultimate MC which was released in the year 1997" Scooter version. In 2003, "I Like It Loud" was covered by German Dance group Scooter as "Maria (I Like It Loud)", it was released as the third and final single from their 2003 album The Stadium Techno Experience.
  6. Duke Nukem for TO

    Walked around your map a bit and i must say it feels like a 1:1 copy of duke3d, did you actually calculate the units from the duke editor and converted them to unreal editor or made the map by feel? Anyway nice map, brings back some memories from playing duke nukem. Was amazed you added the secrets too. Maybe not all but i couldnt tell as i didnt remember them all. About the spawns i dont know. In current state the terrorists can basicly throw HE nades on the SF after 3-4seconds from round start, blocking the sf from going anywhere except jumping on the boxes and go to the window secret on round start? Perhaps place T spawns in the Cinema or the Toilets but that just my thoughts. I did find a piece of invisible map blocking the stairway to the ''movie playback room'' a tiny bit: Edit: Just found this old video from OfficerD on youtube: This an edit of that? since TO-HollywoodHolocaust already exist perhaps name it to something else?
  7. The song of TO

    Pretty bad ass you guys made this back in the day. Too bad i cant speak French, i had it for 4 years in college but that almost 10 year ago for me so sadly not much left. All i could hear was "Jouer a TO" or something
  8. Duke Nukem for TO

    Here is a beta (3) of the most popular Duke Nukem 3D for TO:AoT No bots (include hostages) are supported yet. Your feedback about lights/gameplay/spawn/etc... are of course welcome, that's why i publish a beta Thanks maps dn3d to.zip
  9. The song of TO

    Hello all, Just for nostalgic, and specially french members, i reupload the song, made by the (dead) TOFF clan, about TO. Made in : 2003 (? sorry, i haven't got/don't remember the exact date) Of course, i know that most of users don't speak french, but i really like this song. Have a good play Here is it : http://ptreille.free.fr/desglandsetdesblaireaux.wma And thanks, again, to TOFF members
  10. music!

    This song is 20 years old, feeling old also? FFS!
  11. Tactical Operations

    We recently created a discord server + released some new video material. Have a look at our site (you will find the discord linkt there) https://www.to4.co/news/weaponbehavior-and-forge4
  12. CSGO Weapon Sounds for TO3.4

    Just because its possibe, after 10+ years a Soundpack for TO Let me know what you think
  13. CSGO Weapon Sounds for TO3.4

    Version v0.1


    CS:GO Weapon Sounds v0.1 for TO3.4 It might be better to only use this on a seperate TO folder for offline Practice Session with Bots. You should be able to play on Multiplayer Servers with TOST enabled, but i am unsure about ACE Servers either way i am not responsible if you get Kicked/Banned. v0.1 Does not include: - Headshot and Body Hit sounds (will be in future) - Flashbang (very hard to do properly since its only max 0.41 seconds) - MP5SD (not possible to edit) Installation: #1 Make a backup of your TO340 / Tactical Ops 3.4 Folder #2 Copy all files into the System folder #3 Run the soundpack.exe, select the sounds you want changed and click Install
  14. Black Squad

    looks like a combat armscrossfire or blackshot copy, there are 100 games like this, not 1 of this game bring the feeling like to ... =/ so if u like black squad u should check out this 3 games, but i dont like them
  15. Black Squad

    Looks good, Will give it a try.
  16. Black Squad

    Anybody tried this game yet? It's pretty fun, feels a bit TOish. I tried it today and was pretty fun. Still not the same and not as fun as TO ofcourse ;-) Anywho you can download it for free on steam.
  17. music!

    Probably the best live performance in history. Also one of my favorite songs.
  18. TO-Forest Encounter

    Version 1.0.0


    The long and better version of forest scenario,enjoyable for practice and may be very enjoyable for Multiplayer. Share your views Place the file in your maps directory.
  19. music!

  20. TO-SurvivalEncounter

    Version 1.0.0


    A very small map Brilliant for skill building. Just place the file in your maps folder
  21. I have swapped some folders around so not all links from the starting post still work, however all sections can be reached from this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6eENJfjixsNSDdiX1p6ZFNZNnM At this point 1727 playable maps from good to bad and from ugly to beautiful... Its all in there lol. Since there no more maps to be found i think im done with "sorting" all these maps, what started as a fun project turned in to work and that over time into torture Still glad i spent the time on it, the end result is worth it.
  22. music!

    Posted my fav song of them, So i post my 2nd fav ;(
  23. Unreal Tournament 99 map bug issue

    He sent me a PM, But he figured it out
  24. Unreal Tournament 99 map bug issue

    ok until now, noone replied, do u have facebook? we have a few groups about to there... @Pillarist @Slith @Pinguin
  25. Unreal Tournament 99 map bug issue

    maybe @ZEE.WONK or @Th120 can help u here are even a few mappers, but i dont know the nicks atm
  26. Unreal Tournament 99 map bug issue

    Hi, A lot of thanks for Batman ,I created a basic map, But there is a slight problem with it I wanted you or any one other on this blog to solve, The map bugs sometimes as follows: Running bots(1 and/or 2) die suddenly during game and even if I kill the remaining bots,the round doesn't end. This happens in 2 out of 3 rounds, Thus,I can only play 1 round without this bug. Regards, nd even with greater no. of bots,I cant even sometimes play 1 as well
  27. Can't play TO on my PC

    makes no difference if its "cracked" or not, game should work anyway
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