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      Status Update   09/25/2018

      The website now runs in a heavily degraded state. Only the basics are still available for archiving purposes. Tactical Square will undergo a complete reboot, which implies a full data wipe, prior to its relaunch. When this will happen is unclear at this time as our focus is currently devoted to SAS. Update: SAS is now in closed beta. If you'd like to join, go here: beta.sanandreasstories.com

TOMonsterFactory6 1.07 Beta

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Tactical Ops

About This File

TOMonsterFactory6 v1.07 Beta for TO3.4, a complete monster mutator for monster servers that leaves nothing to be desired. The beta is richly configurable and includes all the features like:

No flash nades
Low gravity

What's New in Version 1.07 Beta   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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