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      The website now runs in a heavily degraded state. Only the basics are still available for archiving purposes. Tactical Square will undergo a complete reboot, which implies a full data wipe, prior to its relaunch. When this will happen is unclear at this time as our focus is currently devoted to SAS. Update: SAS is now in closed beta. If you'd like to join, go here: beta.sanandreasstories.com

TOMonsterFactory9 9

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Tactical Ops

About This File

TOMonsterFactory9 for TO3.5, a complete monster mutator for monster servers that leaves nothing to be desired. It is richly configurable and includes all the features like:

No flash nades
Low gravity

What's New in Version 9   See changelog


New in Version 9
- DEFAULT configuration is for FunServers, NOT for MonsterServers. See below.
- new code, huge internal changes, less bugs.
- Clan War Mode: when you enable clanwar mode, monsterfactory is turned off instantly.
  (mapswitch after turnung on CWMode for wars is still recommended, but may be you'll find its not neccessary.)
- admintab and gametab buttons do not work with too many monsters. (in funserver mode they work, and "showadmintab" and "showgametab" in console always work.)
- hossies are back again - in TO3.50 the bug is gone.
- "admin mutate monsterserver" console command (ATTENTION this command overwrites strMaps[0..49] configuration)
- "admin mutate funserver" console command (ATTENTION this command overwrites strMaps[0..49] configuration)
- "admin mutate clanwarserver" (this is similar to enable the ClanWarMode in gametab, all monsters instantly disappear.)

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