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    New Project Owners

    rich people getting more rich and poor people gets poorer and poorer, thats europe in 2017, but thats another story, the topic here isnt europe, our target is to save the page/forum! at least ~2000 will see this now on facebook...(think in the most groups are the sameplayers, otherwise its would be more as 5000)
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    Map Archive, Public Redirect and Test Server - Mega Thread

    The Map Archive now has 1993 Maps, more then 100+ then my last post. If anybody interested in playing some high quality custom maps try out the TO-INF-* and TO-JW-* Maps. They are ported maps from the Infiltration and Jungle Warfare mods for UT99. Map server also running 2026 Maps now. Sadly the CPU has degraded from high overclocks and now runs only 4.4Ghz again. (This means it takes a whopping 50 seconds to change maps) Edit: also gave http://to-files.nl/ some new looks, still only meant as a easier to remember url to the file archive. It has a music player to play some TO soundstracks while browsing files but thats it. Might as well use the google drive folder link
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    New Project Owners

    In light of new efforts to safe our niche community I am looking for new project owner(s). All project owners will hold a "share" of the project, determined by their financial investment. The total monthly investment required is about €35. The higher your financial investment, the bigger your "share" (and thereby administrative power) is. Project owners are given administrative power on both the website and servers. They control all aspects of the project. Upon receiving new owner(s) we will also bring back TO servers as dictated by the new leadership. If you are interested, please contact me directly through PM. View full news article

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