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    Hmmm, i have listened it after 2003 for sure, but i didn't know that it was released at 2003 I heard it for the first time at my friends house and i thought it was an older song, never did a proper research ps: still like Scooter one, better than original.
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    The song of TO

    Hello all, Just for nostalgic, and specially french members, i reupload the song, made by the (dead) TOFF clan, about TO. Made in : 2003 (? sorry, i haven't got/don't remember the exact date) Of course, i know that most of users don't speak french, but i really like this song. Have a good play Here is it : http://ptreille.free.fr/desglandsetdesblaireaux.wma And thanks, again, to TOFF members
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    CSGO Weapon Sounds for TO3.4

    Version v0.1


    CS:GO Weapon Sounds v0.1 for TO3.4 It might be better to only use this on a seperate TO folder for offline Practice Session with Bots. You should be able to play on Multiplayer Servers with TOST enabled, but i am unsure about ACE Servers either way i am not responsible if you get Kicked/Banned. v0.1 Does not include: - Headshot and Body Hit sounds (will be in future) - Flashbang (very hard to do properly since its only max 0.41 seconds) - MP5SD (not possible to edit) Installation: #1 Make a backup of your TO340 / Tactical Ops 3.4 Folder #2 Copy all files into the System folder #3 Run the soundpack.exe, select the sounds you want changed and click Install
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    Tactical Ops

    Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror

    Version Retail


    This is a copy of the original installation image (in ISO format) of the retail version of Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror. Publisher: Atari/MicroProseDeveloper: Kamehan Studios

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