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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I didn´t like the Serverbrowser with the title "<?int? UBrowser.ServerListTitles.TOServer?>" So I took the little time now and changed some commands in the TacticalOps.ini and UBrowser My files were uploaded on my site game-database.eu. If you want to have a better title with the same function, you can download the files on my website. Sure you can share these files here, too. I have added files for Tactical Ops 3.4 and Tactical Ops 3.5 there. Just move these files into your System folder. After the gamestart, you must change the resolution. I made it small, because some people play on a little screen. If I would take a higher resolution, maybe some players could get a crash. If some people get a crash with the opengl, use the opengl driver, which I put in the .zip file, too. Now I want to make the master server files for Tactical Ops 3.1.9, too. Do you know what the name of the Gametype of TO 3.1.9 is excactly? Until now I can´t filter the servers, only check all UT99 servers, where I can see the TO 3.1.9 servers too, but it´s not the point, what I want to reach.

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